All questions must be answered about the Indigenous Archeology.1) of the theory and the underlying tenets of Indigenous Archeology perspective.2) Explain how Indigenous Archeology theoretical perspective approaches archeological research and what the value of your perspective is.3) Identify the bias of Indigenous Archeology and explain how these will affect Indigenous Archeology research questions and interpretation.4) Isolate who, if any, participants of the past (makers of the archeological past) who are privileged and others who may be overlooked by your approach.5) Review the ethics for the following:a) Society for American Archeology: www.saa.orgb) AAA code of ethics: www.americananthro.orgc) CAA ethics: http://canadianarcheology.comd) Can you dig it: http://www/economist/com/node/1056932Based off of those ethics:1) Do the principles limit Indigenous Archeology research potential2) Do they offer enough protection or consideration3) Do they represent Indigenous Archeology perspective in archeology4) What would you add as one new principle and what would you eliminateI added a document with notes for the answers but everything is quoted so none of it is my original work. Sources are added with the quotes. She is very strict with citations!

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