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The assessment is a Portfolio task that demonstrates students competence in collecting, analysing and interpreting qualitative and quantitative data. Students are to present 2 data sets (1 x qualitative, 1 x quantitative) that they generated in class and discuss the meaning that can be drawn from them in the 1, 000 word component.
Step 1: Students must select 1 example of qualitative data and 1 example of quantitative data that they
generated in workshops/tutorials.
Step 2: Students are required to write 500 words for EACH data set that tells the story of the data they have presented. This should include:

How the data was generated (summary of method).

Their interpretation of the data i.e. what does the data SHOW/MEAN? How does it answer the
research question? (analysis)

Suggestions for how the findings could be used e.g to inform policy, identify patterns in social phenomenon
Step 3: Present the two data sets directly below each 500 word written component. Data sets should be
presented as Tables or Figures and labelled appropriately with Table/Figure numbers, Title, and Source
The written component of the portfolio is not an essay so an introduction and conclusion are not needed. Students may use headings to organise their response. Reference to academic sources is not
required. A reference list is required for data sources (if applicable). The reference
list is not included in the word count.
I am going to send the data generated in class.

I will attach more instructions.
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