PowerPoint Presentation plain, Computer sciences and Information technology

Based on this week\’s collaboration discussion, create a visual aid that explains the obstacles associated with creating tables, modifying fields, establishing primary keys and relationships, and importing data into a table. Include solutions to overcome them.
*Address the following:
-Choose two obstacles and their solutions that you personally want to remember and believe will help you going forward working with Microsoft Access databases.
-Use a software that allows you to create a visual description of your obstacles and solutions. Examples of software you may use include Microsoft PowerPoint or Piktochart. You may choose any software that creates an electronic file you will be able to submit.
-Create at least one slide or page per obstacle/solution.
-Describe the obstacle and provide at least one solution. In total, your file should have at least two slides or pages when this week\’s assignment is complete.
*Save your file in a format you can submit. Examples include the original software file format such as PowerPoint or PDF file format.

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