W5A2 – Epid & Applied Healthcare Statistics

Using the CDC database for diabetes trends found at http://hcup.ahrq.gov/1. Go to http://hcup.ahrq.gov/2. Select National Statistics for All Stays3. Select lay person/data novice4. Go to \”Information on specific diagnosis\”5. Go to the year 2005. Enter >35 in DRG search box. Select Diabetes age >35.6. Select Next7. Select Length of Stay and Percent died in hospital8. Select Male vs Female9. Select Next to see results10. Record the data that has resulted.11. Repeat steps 1 through 10, however find data for the year 2006 and 2007.12. Based on the information provided, is there a correlation between the numbers of females who died in the hospital from 2005 to 2007?13. Develop a graph that illustrates your findings.

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