Role of logistics service providers in horizontal collaboration partnerships

Select examples from a sector of your choice, grocery retail, food or clothing.
In part A, I suggest you build an argument on the importance of having a LSP for the long-term survival and improvement of a partnership and how the LSP play a mediator and intermediate role who makes sure that the clients perceive the horizontal logistics partnership being fair in terms of an even and fair charge of the savings/benefits the partnership brings and have trust in the LSP and the other partners. It is important to take account that there are many factors which influence the partnership approach two or more companies of the same type could take. The more important thing for the assignment is that you develop a well articulated argument in the whole assignment. Furthermore, in regards to Part B, you need to develop an argument on the role and degree of involvement of logistics service providers in these types of partnerships and the intensity and maturity of the LSP-customer relationship. In Part C, I suggest you build on the analysis undertaken in Part B to establish which types of services are more appropriate in particular cases.

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