self medicating and substance abuse amoung youth

Drawing from the cornell website instructions on how to do a lit review conduct a brief lit review. Draw from two books and two scholarly articles to create your argument. When writing a lit review you should begin with a historical and theoretical overview of your topic. What university based or government sponsored studies have been done in your field of interest? What have they found? What is missing? Look through pertinent journals and reports and search by subject to discover what previous scholars have said about your topic. So some of the things you should include are what systems and programs do we offer to keep kids off of drugs. What makes a drug legal or illegal? Statistics on how many kids are drug dependent. What education/information do we offer and teach our youth about abusing drugs. What are some  influences or factors that contribute to the abuse of drugs such as music, problems at home, etc. How have we contributed to youths use of drugs for example prescribing antidepressants? The purpose of this lit review is to discover what is already been said and researched about the topic and what is missing and what do we want to find? Make sure you are focusing on YOUTH. kids teens up to 21.

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