Societal Impacts of Climate Change

Make a case study of a country or region (avoid continents like Africa, be more specific) or population that is vulnerable to a specific impact of climate change. Explain why and how it is vulnerable and what the societal effects of the impact are, or are predicted to be. The impact could be related to floods/droughts/drinking supply, agriculture or ecosystems, human health and/or disease….to name a few.

Sources: IPCC Policy Maker Summary WG II plus at least one additional (peer-reviewed) scientific reference. Google scholar is a useful search engine for scientific articles. A scientific article is written by scientists, NOT by journalists (e.g. avoid Scientific American which contains news/opinions about science written by journalists). Try science and nature magazine. An interview with a scientist is not a specific article. Respected (apolitical) organizations that collate scientific information – such as the IPCC, WHO, UN-FAO – is acceptable, but you need to give the full name of the report and the year it was published. Citations should be given as “Journal, Year, Title, Authors” or “Organization, Year, Title”.

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