Teen Smoking

For an Action Research Class:
A prevention program that focuses on promoting mental health and addresses a specific issue, problem, or concern prior to widespread occurrence:
a. MUST have a minimum of 10 references and at least 10 pages NOT including references.
b. Must justify the issue, problem and concern.
c. Provide an analysis of the evidence –based research related to the intervention[s] or treatment that is used.
d. A description of the target population (teenagers), stakeholders, and participants.
e. A description of the data collection and analysis methods that will be used for the needs assessment.
f. An explanation of the project goals and how they will be assessed.
g. An action plan, including the tasks to be implemented.
h. An analysis of possible challenges to implementation and how they may be addressed.
i. A description of how your project will influence social change.
THIS PAPER MUST BE IN APA FORMATTING. THIS MEANS IN TEXT CITATIONS AND HEADERS SEPERATING PARAGRAPHS AS NEEDED. References must be scholarly and must be American – meaning the sources cannot be from other countries which are not feasibly accessed here in the US.

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