1.1 Map the areas of the Park that are susceptible, moderately susceptible and highly susceptible to landslides (see landslide susceptibility decision rules below). Calculate the % area of the Park in each zone. Is there any spatial pattern to where the susceptible areas are located?
1.2 Identify the sections of sealed roads within the Park that fall within each susceptibility zone. What implications do you think this will have for evacuating visitors to the Park after a landslide if necessary?
1.3 Flooding can trigger a landslide in a susceptible area. Find the percentage of all susceptible areas (susceptible, moderately susceptible and highly susceptible combined) that are also located near a water source.
1.4 Landslides can have long term impacts on vegetation. Find the average susceptibility level (defined as: not susceptible = 0, susceptible = 1, moderately susceptible = 2, highly susceptible = 3) for each vegetation type. Which, if any, vegetation types are on average moderately or highly susceptible?
1.5 Bonus question: use the scientific literature about landslides to determine the likely factors needed to estimate the trajectory of a landslide starting at a given point. Based on this, what data layers would you need, and what tools would you use in ArcGIS to combine them and how would you do it

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