• How would you initially introduce and establish these ideas in the classroom?
• How might you model and reinforce these techniques?
• What are the key teacher jobs in ensuring that these ideas are implemented effectively?
• What might be measures of success or indications that the strategy needs to be reviewed?
• Have I clearly described what is being implemented e.g. What it would look or sound like in the classroom?
• Have I given examples of what the class teacher would say or do?
Justification of models/theories/strategies:
• Have I clearly outlined why I have chosen the models etc that I have?
• Have I made explicit links between my choice of models etc and my principles?
• Have I made explicit links between my choice of models etc and the literature?
Critical Reflection:
• How might this plan influence the social and emotional needs of the students?
• How are the issues in this scenario reflected in your own teaching? In relation to the issues discussed what do you need to work on or improve in your own teaching practice?
• If you have had no practical teaching experience yet, what do you think may be an issue for you given your personality and life experiences?
• How have your beliefs about teaching, learning and behaviour management been supported or changed as a result of your learning so far in this unit?

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