Stress and Social Media



Using the box on page 185 (Comer), write  500-700 word essay on the “psychological danger of social networking”.  How might Facebook lead to increased experiences of stress?  How will you advise your future clients that are experiencing stress due to social networking?


Use APA6 style to write the essay.  Make sure you cite all sources.


This is what is on Page 185

Can facebook trigger asthma attacks?


Yes, according to a case reported by three physicians in the medical journal Lancet.  The physicians described a depressed 18-year-old in Italy who was dumped by his girlfriend and then saw her picture on Facebook.  That sighting triggered an asthma attack, which was repeated each time he logged on and accessed his ex’s profile.  Although the case report prompted warnings about the psychological dangers of social networking sites, the villain here seems to be stress – from whatever source.

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