The concepts of Physical Fitness and Wellness

The concepts of Physical Fitness and Wellness

What I liked about the Course

The course presented me with the opportunity to learn about the benefits of being physically fit and to live a healthier life. This was very important to me especially during the times when the lifestyles of people have changed. In the recent times, people are lazy and rarely get themselves involved in physical exercises that can keep them fit and healthy. I came to learn that there are several illnesses that can be prevented by being physically fit and ensuring the wellness. For instance, obesity is on the increase and it is a huge social injustice weakening the society at a very scary rate.  Obesity is also associated with other illnesses such as cancer, high blood pressure and other deadly diseases.  Lack of exercise brings about laziness, which is greatly associated with the disease making it not only a health issue but also a great social problem. I learnt that physical fitness and ensuring wellness can ensure an individual against obesity and other diseases such as diabetes, which are equally very dangerous and claim lives in the society.

Physical fitness and wellness make individuals have a lot of confidence and happiness. This is a very important thing for any individual. Every person in the society pursues happiness and desires to live a healthy life. This is realized in fitness and wellness. When a person’s wellness is ensured, his stability in terms of happiness and peace of mind is insured. A disturbed state of mind is likely to bring stress, which can sometimes get out of hand and become depression leading to diseases and even demise of an individual. As such, the course on fitness and wellness is a welcome area of study for any individual who wants to get enlightened on such aspects. It keeps an individual’s mind and body at peace and very stable. A disturbed state of mind is a pathway to health risks, which can be very detrimental to the affected individuals.

I also liked the fact that this course made me learn a lot about life, and I have been able to help others to live lives full of wellness and physical fitness.  I particularly love the aspect of the balanced diet because it keeps me healthy and happy. I have also passed the same information to others who are close to me, and it is my hope that they spread the same information to help the society. I also like music and dancing – especially Latin, African, and Caribbean rhythms. Dancing enhances my happiness and keeps me fit while ensuring that am absorbed on beautiful thoughts away from stress and possible depression. Moreover, I like learning about diverse cultures, eating various types of foods and itinerant to other nations. This has been greatly learnt from the course.

What I disliked about the Course

There was not much to hate or dislike about the course since it presented me with the opportunity to live a good, happy and healthier life. However, there are some few aspects that did not really go down well with me. There are certain kinds of foods which I have never had regard for since childhood. I have never liked them, and I did not know that they were very important as I came to learn from this important course. Coming to terms with the reality that I have to eat such foods has been very difficult and coping has proved an uphill task.

Furthermore, in travelling I have never loved walking as such. I have been associated with cars. Changing from this has also been such a daunting task. However, I have come to recognize that it is very important to walk a few kilometers a day. It was especially very difficult from the inception, but I am coping well.

I have also hated certain exercises that may lead to the development of certain parts of the body while others remain undeveloped. This results in to a situation where the individual’s body parts are not proportional. The situation arises especially where an individual gives priority to exercises that lead to the development of certain muscles at the expense of others. This inflicts a certain degree of embarrassment on the individual thereby depriving him of the social happiness and the personal well being that was intended originally.

Specific changes can improve the Course

I would love to propose certain specific changes to this important course. Firstly, I am of the opinion that the aspects of cultures that enhance exercise and wellness should form a very significant aspect of this course. Besides, the contents and the curriculum should be reviewed and incorporated to the pupils from a tender age making them know how to live well and healthy from a tender age. The course also ought to draw clearly and concisely a line of distinction between fitness and wellness and their benefits in a manner that is easy to learn and understand. It should incorporate the use of audio and visuals to enhance teaching and learning among students.

Comments and Suggestions

The course is one of the best I have come across since it touches on the most important thing I value like my health. While physical fitness is related to the individual’s activity and ability to exercise, wellness has got a lot to do with diet and eating habits of people. As such, the two concepts describe the lifestyle of an individual. The course plays a fundamental role in shaping my perception on exercise and eating habits. There was a lot to learn, and a lot to like. The course tutor ought to be friendly and teach the course in a manner that ensures that the students grasp the information easily.


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