The me Date

The me Date

It is evident that I rarely go out for a date due to the fact that I am a reserved person. But on this particular occasion, I went out to out on my own to my regular restaurant where I would take a lady for a date. Before I give my chronology of events, it is important to posit the fact that a perfect date can make a difference. I went for a date to the Red Lobster, which is a sea food restaurant. I chose a table on a corner where I would not be interrupted by the happenings in the restaurant as it is usually a busy place. As I would do on a real date, I donned my silver pair of suit, a white shirt, and a checked tie to match. I do this when going out for a date in order not to embarrass my date by dressing badly. I called the waiter and order my favorite cuisine of sea food. I ate slowly as I listened to a band playing on the background. I took time to reflect after the meal as I sipped a soda.

I remembered of the times I would come here when I was a kid. My dad would bring my mum for an outing and I would tread along. As I pondered on how I would share this joke with my date if I had the chance, I was observing a young couple who were in a deep conversation. After what looked like an eternity, the guy held out his hand asking his date for a dance. This is what I would do if I was on a real date! I pondered. The live band playing was my favorite so I was obliged to also wake up a dance. Dance would make a date memorable. This is true as one of my best once told me that a lady will always have a conversation with her friends in a bid to share with them what actually happened on the date. I made this day as memorable as possible by dancing passionately to the music from the live band.

After about thirty minutes of dancing, I went back to my seat and ordered for a beer. In my opinion, it is wise to share a beer with your date as you get to know each other well. I used this time to reflect on my life. It dawned on me it is the high time I got myself a fiancée as I will complete campus in no time. Many of my friends argue that couples that meet in campus have a higher chance of being happily married as they have known each other for long. After the drink I paid my bill and left. I took a long walk home as I pondered on my experience and how I will present it in class.



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