The Project Management Of Innovation

Name Of Book: Innovation Management And Product Development

With reference to companies featured in case studies, contrast two examples based on their project management of innovation based on the themes, theories and models presented in lectures.

Examine a market sector and compare two different approaches.

Examine companies who have followed similar approaches with different results, or examine different approaches that have produced similar results.

Results present a wide-ranging analysis of your findings, or decide to focus on particular elements that you feel demonstrate differentiation
1. A maximum word length of 4000 words (excluding the executive summary, references and appendices), which includes the following sections:

a. Executive summary (1-page maximum) featuring a summary and conclusions;

b. Introduction to the companies and the innovations studied;

c. Justification of scope and approach

d. Analysis, including references to themes, theories and models;

e. Identification of success/failure factors;

f. Conclusions;

g. References;

h. Appendices (if required)
2. Presented in report-format style, with a table of contents, titles and page numbers

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