Use SPSS to explain and conjoint analysis

Report 1: Data Mining

The management of the bank in which you work is interested in learning more about the profile of customers who do not prepay their loans.  The bank has some information about these customers.  The SPSS dataset GRisk.sav contains the details of 1,000 account holders, both good and bad. The variables and their codings are given below.  People who have difficulty repaying their loans have the variable BadAccount set to ‘Yes’.

Variables Label Coding
Status Personal status and sex 1 = Male: divorced, separated

2 = Female: divorced, separated, married

3 = Male: single

4 = Male: married, widowed

5 = Female: single

Residence Years in present residence
Age Age in years  
NLoans Number of existing loans 1, 2, 3+
Job Job 1 = Unemployed

2 = Unskilled

3 = Skilled employee/ official

4 = Management/ self-employed/ highly qualified employee/ officer

Phone Telephone 1 = No,

2 = Yes

BadAccount   0 = No

1 = Yes

Use SPSS Tree to :

(a)          Explore the above datasets to ensure they are suitable for model building and evaluation.  Devise rules for the bank to segment their customers into good and bad risks using a decision tree node (e.g. CHAID, Exhaustive CHAID, CRT or QUEST).  Assess the quality of your final model using a suitable method.

Explain what you have done and decisions you have made in the context of the analysis being performed.  Clearly state the rules you have derived and support this with annotated output.

Compare and contrast your model with that of a logistic regression model build on the same data.

Evidence of data exploration is not a required unless you want to highlight a particular feature within the data.

(b)         Produce a 500 word memo to your manager outlining the significance of the work you have done in (a), assume your manager is untrained in analysis methods. 10 marks

(c)          Report on the problems that can arise when data mining is used to analyse customer data.  Your report should be well researched and include references.  (Limit of 500 words)     10 marks

Report 2: Conjoint analysis

You have a brief to test the options for a new or refined product.  The objective is to identify and recommend a product or service that will satisfy both the needs of the client and of the end user.  The work should be carried out in the context of your target customer group.

Determine a set of factors and levels that investigate the trade-offs that are made by the consumer.  You may use the design and analysis from the lab.  When the design has been completed the survey should be given to at least 20 respondents.  The responses should be analysed in order to meet the objectives of the brief.

TOPIC: Budget airline flight from Hong Kong to Manila.

  • A 10 minute presentation to your client in which you must explain the context of your research and recommend product combinations that offers an expectation of success of your product or service.
  • A project report showing the background and secondary research relevant to the presentation (max 750 words).
  • A discussion of the sampling plan and possible controls to ensure an adequate coverage of your target market.
  • Analysis, results and recommendations
  • Up to an additional 10 pages of supporting documentation
  • A one page reflection on what you have learned

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