Marketing Strategy based on fan behaviour

Details of task

  • As the unit code indicates, MKG3200 is a third (and final) year unit. This means students undertaking this unit will be close to graduating and should therefore be looking to develop and illustrate the skills employers so desperately crave. One such skill is the ability to apply your learning to the ‘real-world’. This assignment has been deliberately designed to help you develop this key skill.
  • To help you develop the ability to apply your learning to the ‘real-world’, choose one of the following actual sporting teams – Melbourne Vixens (women’s netball), Melbourne Heart (soccer), GWS Giants (AFL football) and Melbourne Rebels (rugby union) – and use your learning from weeks 3 to 5 on fan loyalty, motives and segments to develop a marketing strategy that will improve the business performance of your chosen team.
  • By ‘improve’ I simply mean game attendance and/or increasing fan membership.

Okay, that’s the easy bit: now the more difficult challenge. In developing your marketing strategy (e.g. target market, positioning strategy, product strategy, promotion strategy etc), you must ensure that each element is specifically inspired by theory relating to fan-behavior. The purpose of this assignment is to test your ability to apply fan-behaviour theory to the ‘real-world’ and you cannot do this unless you make extensive use of it. As a self-test in this regard, unless an aspect of your marketing strategy is directly ‘inspired’ by a specific aspect of fan behavior, it should not be included in your assignment. Hence each discussion of a marketing strategy concept should be immediately preceded by a fan-behaviour concept

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