Art Observation

Art Observation

One of the finest artwork is the framing at Stapleton Art Gallery, which is trend-setting gallery on the boundary of the capital city of the state of Colorado (Denver). It exhibits some of the Colorado’s most stunning painting and sculptures. Out of these original stunning pieces of art work, painting is the finest because of special uniqueness depicted through the combination of principles and elements of art.

My favorite sample of art by Artist Bezalel Ngabo on ‘spirit of love, power and sound mind’ published on 22 December, 2012 by Framing at Stapleton Art Gallery, caught my eyes during their annual gallery exhibit in Denver, Colorado. The paint conveys a very powerful message of spirit of love, power and sound mind to the society. Bezalel put into consideration the principles and elements of art to achieve his appreciation to the beautiful world.

Source (Spirit of love, power and sound mind, (n.d.)

Application of the principles and elements of art unify to produce an incredible piece of art work. Basing on elements of art, lines are used to produce the outline of a pictorial composition. Color comes in to give the pictorial composition of life; a notion of reality in comparison to nature. Art work becomes appealing when value and light are applied. The pictorial composition is not complete unless principles of art: proportionality, balance, rhythm shape and size are included in the composition. They marry each other artistically such that the composition is well placed on this picture frame and the whole composition flows respectively when perceived.

This art form conveniently depicts the imagination of a beautiful world through its content. The surrounding ignites great imagination and helps the observer to absorb the message in the paintings. Through his art work, Bezalel Ngabo wanted to educate his viewers of the fundamental virtues of life that can help to make the world beautiful through his pieces of art work.


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