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Virtual Museum Tour

The collection of the museum with regard to ancient Egyptian art comprises of more than 26000 objects of historical, artistic, and cultural importance. This collection dates from the upper Paleolithic to the roman period, that is, from 300000 B.C to the 4th century A.D. About 50 percent of the collection comes from the archeological work in Egypt of the museum for more than 35 years. The initiation of the museum was for increasing the western interest with regard to the culture of the ancient Egypt. One of the most prominent artwork in this collection is the hair comb decorated with rows of wild animals, credited to Theodore Davis.

The hair comb, which consists of finely carved ivory combs as well as knife demonstrate the prowess of the ancient Egyptians. The comb dates back in the Predynastic period, between 3200 and 3100 BC. Research indicates that the hair comb must have been one of the funeral equipment of a certain person who was living in Egypt approximately 5200 years ago (Hair Comb Decorated with Rows of Wild Animals, 2000). Despite the fact that some parts of the teeth of the comb are now missing, one can see them along the bottom edge of the comb. Closer look at the object reveals that it was an object used in social ceremonies, and not just an instrument for combing hair.

When it comes to both sides of the comb, there are figures of wild animals including snakes elephants, hyenas and giraffe. The arrangement of these animal figures on the comb is systematic. This implies the arrangement is symbolic with regard to the Egyptian culture (Hair Comb Decorated with Rows of Wild Animals, 2000). Therefore, the comb is one of the representations of the ancient Egyptian culture and helps those interested in knowing the beliefs of the ancient inhabitants of Egypt.




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