Motivation Plan

Motivation Plan

A motivation plan is a clearly outlined document that seeks to inspire people to do something. My mentor is a clinical manager at a hospital who oversees 115 bed units, responsible for clinical and financial information, and gets 78 direct reports. Clinical data management plan requires a hospital to have an Electronic Data Capture System and Underlying Clinical Database. This system ensures information security, audit transactions, disaster management, and electronic signature features. This is the responsibility of my mentor through delegation to others below her. To ensure perfect implementation of her duties as head of that department she should be able to assess her junior’s behavior (Coddington & Luck, 2003).

DISC Platinum Rule Behavioral Assessment helps one become a better person, focus on goals rather than fears, and uses their strengths well while improving on their weaknesses. First section of this assessment is EGRAPH results, which are a reflection of what others think of us. DISC Platinum argues that people around us are accurate at observing behavior and, therefore, give correct results about us (Coddington & Luck, 2003). The next section helps us comprehend style characteristics and how to improve on our weaknesses. The final part involves applying DISC concept with or on other people hence promoting interpersonal skills. Learning Team Members serve as employees under clinical management department.

My mentor should first carry out an EGRAPH for herself and her junior’s. The point of the EGRAPH is to measure behavior according to how others perceive us. My mentor taking an EGRAPH tells her what her juniors think of her. It will help her identify her weaknesses as a leader and work on correcting them (Coddington & Luck, 2003). Advocating EGRAPH’s for her juniors informs her of the relationships between them. It enlightens her of the characteristics of her juniors. This ensures she knows to whom to delegate what job and how to help them improve on their weakness. EGRAPH mostly tests directness and indirectness of behavior or open and guarded behavior (Coddington & Luck, 2003).

Platinum rule has four basic styles: dominance style, interactive style, steadiness style, and cautious style. Dominance styles are driven by the craving for control and achievement. They are task-oriented, accept challenges, take authority, and problem solvers. Interactive styles are driven by the need for acknowledgement. They are relationship-oriented, positive-minded, charismatic, influential, and idealistic. Steadiness styles are driven by friendship and cooperation. They are persistent, loyal workers, slow decision makers, risk-aversive, good listeners, supportive, and strive to remain stable. Cautious styles are driven by preparation, thoroughness and need to be perfect. Clinical management department workers obviously fall in either of these styles (Coddington & Luck, 2003). No style is better than the other as they all have strengths and weaknesses. To ensure all workers are motivated, satisfied and have increased performance, my mentor should help them work on their weakness, fear, and stress. Dimensional styles are impatient, insensitive and poor at listening. Workers who have this weakness should work at improving. They should learn to listen to others patiently and be more reserved in their utterances. Clinical manager should also work at making them feel secure hence eliminating their fear of being exploited. She should appreciate them and compensate them for any extra work they do. Dimensional styles should understand that we all have different capabilities, therefore, ease up getting bugged by inefficiency and indecisiveness. They should find a better way of dealing with their stress. This prevents tension at work. Cautious styles are perfectionists, critical and unresponsive. These characteristics create very high standards that not every worker can reach.

Criticality and unresponsiveness may break communication in the department. It is the duty of workers to accept each other as they are and work towards co-existing peacefully. Clinical manager can increase the satisfaction of these workers by ensuring their work is appreciated not criticized (Coddington & Luck, 2003). This way she helps them fight their fear hence performing better. Clinical manager can also motivate steadiness style by helping them deal with changes in complexity. My mentor should encourage them on the importance and opportunities that arise from changing environments and how they can take advantage of those situations. She can work on building the self-esteem of interactive styles. This ensures that they are not affected in case friends abandon them. She can also teach them how to make and keep friends especially at work. Above all, she should show her liking for these kinds of workers.

Diversity in attitudes, emotions, personalities, and values are in every sector of the society. For steadiness styles that enjoy teamwork, peace and calmness ensure as an employer to provide a friendly atmosphere and cooperative group to work with. According to Coddington and Luck (2003), dominance style is like being in charge and, therefore, let them lead but with limitations. Need to be right by cautious style is good since an employer can use this to allow them find the best solution. This diversity among workers is important as it can be used for the best interest of an organization.

Disc Platinum knowledge on behavioral styles is key is fostering good relationships between completely different people. Understanding that no one likes what you like then forms the basic platinum rule, treat people as they want to (Coddington & Luck, 2003). This ensures social intelligence where one modifies their strengths and weaknesses to sustain a unique relationship. Accepting and applying this simple rule will ensure amazing professional and personal relationships.


Coddington, A. M., & Luck, M. (2003).Towards Motivation-based Plan Evaluation.In FLAIRS   Conference (pp. 298-302).




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